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Happy New Year

I lack nothing!

You must be a quality human being if you want to enjoy quality things in your life.

Rev. Ebenezer Okronipa

Happy New Year to you. We have successfully transitioned into the year of our manifestations and greatness. I wish you nothing but the best of all in these 12 encouraging months’ journey that we have started embarking on today. May the grace of God be our guide and lead us on the right paths all through this year. As declared by my Papa (Daddy) Rev Ebenezer Okronipa, it is “the year of our promised land”- The year in which we shall experience drastic progress and breakthrough in all aspects of our lives.

Introspecting on the previous year’s achievement, the hand of God was so mighty on me to much extent that even when I thought nothing would become of me during the perilous times, God unexpectedly always brought individuals my way for my sustainability. The year 2022 seemed tough for almost everyone yet my family never got stranded in our fellowship with our creator and shield. Testimonies abound the year for which I gained my admission into Ghana Institute of Journalism, now University of Media, Arts and Communication just as the servant of God, Rev Ebenezer Okronipa declared in one of our services.

In this year 2023, I pray that the almighty God finishes all the unfinished works of 2022 and grant us sound mind through the manifestations of our current projections.


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