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Anas Belah

Stucked deep in the soul until we arrive to the Messiah

The journey was red and stretched with less gourds to assuage our thirst

The babies’ cries lest echoe in our hearts yet we insist

But here comes the day of light and nostalgia

Since we met the Messiah our paths quick straight stands

He serves our route even as we set the exile in thoughts

He has turned our pain to gain for his eternal love

The pains of the past has built us tears of joy today by lagging us to His palace of spangles

Unpained with his words of wisdom, for we lest expected this day which He has made

We shall celebrate with our native chords, for we are unpained

Our foes fold stunned as they steal sights of us in shame

For indeed He has unpained our hearts and skull till eternity



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