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The city of breath is unfair

So much injustice against the province of Zion

Forever they say “if only thou shall believe and remain faithful then…”

But the saints are laid to rest daily at the adversary’s stance

Further, they say “if Only one can have the desire to be,

Then he shall be”

Yet the towered dreams remain trance despite the zeal to attain.

The city of breath is unfair

A city ruled by greed and selfishness

A lethargic city endowed with frailed minds

With the culture of,

“Every man for himself God for us all”

A city moulded to be one has now been divided by worship forms

Neglecting the truth of unity for a fair growth

A city moulded to rule is yet ruled by tears

The good Morrow we crave for lies in our route

Until the paved path is taken, our convictions of the soul shall remain void


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